Respect Your Body Eat Right

Dietary Interventions

I am not a big fan of dieting in general, but even I admit that there are diets that have to be corrected - the obvious one is Standard American (SAD) diet with lots of processed foods, refined sugars, food fried in god knows what, where ketchup counts as "vegetable". It is not good for anyone, no matter what level of health you are on. In fact eating SAD, in time lowers the level of health, no matter how high it was at birth.  Children born into low levels start having problems with processed foods in their first year of life. But this is not what I want to write about in this section. Here I will devote some of the valuable internet space to how to eat during particular acute illnesses or common conditions usually caused by or related to bad diets:


High Blood Pressure Diet - How to eat if your blood pressure is high

How to Eat During Cough

How to Eat During Fever

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