Take Charge of Your Health

Observation: Majority of people explore homeopathy after trying pretty much everything else.

Obvious fact: Your health journey and your health practitioner's philosophy of health should be in agreement. Read on to save time and money regardless of what path you are on.

Typical health journey:

  • Realizing you are not well despite following conventional medical advice and treatment.
  • Following clean diet and taking supplements with various degree of success.
  • Fixing sleep schedule and stress exposure, again, with various degree of success.
  • Realizing you need help beyond diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.
  • Doing genetic and functional testing that in the end send you back to stage 2, only now with personalized diet and custom supplements.
If you happen to be on step 1 of the typical health journey (above), you still need to go through steps 2 and 3. It will be hard, but without support of homeopathic remedies it will be even harder.

Further sections are designed to meet you where you are on your health journey. The information I give you will save you time and money regardless of what path you decide to take. Please go on, select your stage:
Stage 1:
You are on this stage if you ask yourself: Is This State of Health is Sustainable?

Situation a)

Availability of relatively cheap and fast acting pharmaceutical drugs eliminated the need to focus on health for so long, that when the drugs stopped working or when their side-effects became unbearable, you went to Dr. Internet for help.

Situation b)

You resist taking pharmaceutical medications because you know they are not good for you in the long run, but not sure what to do instead to address health issues that keep creeping up no matter how hard you try to ignore them or even implement occasional course of multivitamins or herbs and brief life-style changes to beef-up yourself here and there.

Situation c)

You do regular physicals; you love your primary care provider and know that they mean well when after first trying “natural approach” they prescribe you high blood pressure or some other medication that you need to take it indefinitely. Dumbfounded you start taking the medication, still looking for how you may get off it, while still not sure if you actually can get off it or if you even need to get off it, citing to yourself instances of your friends and relatives who “take this stuff” for decades and feel fine. You wondering: Are YOU going to be fine if you keep taking it? Or what is even more disturbing: Are you going to be fine if you are NOT taking it? Is there something less aggressive, something you don’t need to take for life?

To have your questions answered you need to understand your Level of Health.

Stage 2:
You are on this stage if you tell yourself: I feel great as long as I am staying off …. (insert the list of offending ingredients here). Yet, sometimes you catch yourself thinking longingly about the times when you could eat …. (insert a name of your favorite foods that are now off limits). And your health is still lacking. And you have to occasionally make a late-night run to pharmacy or raid medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

You are about to go to Stage 3 – taking supplements or how they are sometimes called nutraceuticals or bioceuticals (Get it? Not quite pharmaceuticals, but work the same and totally natural. Aren’t they great?!) Will it work for you? Click here to find out. 

Stage 3:
You are on this stage if you have a cupboard or two filled with vitamins, herbs; powders and unrefined oils that go bad if you don’t keep them in the fridge. You subscribed to monthly delivery of grass-fed meat, pasture-raised eggs, unpasteurized butter and farm-fresh produce, you have special water filters and know what foods are pro-inflammatory and what foods are anti-inflammatory, how they affect your thyroid, your adrenals, and you even trying out fermenting to increase diversity of your microbiome. And still there is something wrong with your health, sleep or energy level anytime you get off your perfect diet and supplements routine. Because they don't address the underlying reason of why you need them in the first place. 

You are about to go to Stage 4 – genetic and functional testing that will finally show you personalized health recommendations based on your genes and labs! How well will it work for you? Click here to find out.

Stage 4:
You are on this stage if you analyzed your hair, your dried-up urine, stool and spit. You have hundreds of pages with test results and paid thousands of dollars to have them interpreted. You got rid of most of your vitamins, herbs and powders because it turned out they are not good for your genetic makeup. Instead you are taking supplements that will work with your SNPs, the length of your telomeres, APOE genotype and your haplotype. You are eating diet that will alter expression of your genes, upregulate your glutathione system, prevent dementia and heart disease. And, if you wait few months or even few weeks there will be more tests that you can do, different vitamins to take, different diets to try because science is everchanging and what is considered good today will be considered horrible tomorrow (remember margarine?). And you get a whole new bag of supplements and tests with ever elusive promise that this is The One.

In the meantime, life goes on. The life that has to be filled with pursing the high destiny and self-fulfillment. The life that you have been given by the Universe! So that you could do what? Replace carrots with parsnip and potatoes with jicama? In the umpteen time change your diet and supplements? Chase next test?

I offer you a different path. You can finally stop cycling between stages by trial and error method and get continuing, sustainable results, driven by your own healing opportunities because Homeopathy reminds the body what it needs to do. I don’t promise you that you can eat junk food, sleep 2 hours a night and still be on top of your game as long as you take my magic pill. I offer you an exit out of the everlasting cycle of worrying about your health to actually fixing it Click here to see what is possible for you.

Medicine of the future will be a lot like medicine of the distant past. The Western world took an unfortunate medical detour fueled in part by bloody conflicts and insurmountable disregard to human nature. The tides are changing, it is time we started treating with respect not only our physical bodies, but also our ancestors and our progeny.
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