How to Eat During the Cough

How to Eat During the Cough

Eating principles:
• eat as little as possible
• increase fluids: diluted vegetable juices, broths, herbal teas
• short fast

therapeutic foods:
• garlic, onions, leeks, turnips, grapes, pineapple, honey, green leafy  vegetables
• increase foods that tonify the Lung (almonds, cabbage, carrots, mustard greens, olive, spinach)
• increase foods rich in Vitamin A and C

fresh juices:
• carrot
• carrot and spinach
• carrot, beet, and cucumber 
• carrot, celery, and parsley 

• cow's milk and other dairy products, white bread, refined foods, processed  foods,  sugar and sweets, catarrh-forming foods: tofu, meat, ice cream, heavy  protein foods,  fats, meats, vinegars, shellfish

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